The aim of the design was to assist in creating a brand identity for Designs of an Eclectique Heart. The brief was for the logo to be fun, yet sophisticated, and have somewhat of a timeless feel.

It is a revamp of the old logo – done to bring the logo into a current design. The old logo featured the same flowers (poppies) - which have been modified to carry this element into the new logo.
The Designs of an Eclectique Heart logo can be chopped and changed for different programs and use, while still maintaining the same feel and identity; an example of this is the transition of the business card to the header of the website.
The website design is to showcase a portfolio of work under this brand, and continuing this into social media such as Facebook. The logo has also been used at this point for Pinterest, Felt, Society 6, Trademe and Etsy, with the format being changed where necessary to fit in with sizing specifications and my judgments for the best fit for the logo.
The logo and look and feel of the company is constantly being updated, and is now in a newer phase of the business once again. Taking this current website and new logo variation in the About section as the newest form and evolution of the branding of the business.
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